Country food at your table

At Camino Bites we believe that everyone should be able to go out and enjoy a great meal without any limitations.

The philosophy of our informal restaurant is based on two fundamental pillars: creation of outstanding dishes and care for the environment. Our ingredients are sourced locally and thanks to our way of cooking we ensure that they maintain the original taste and benefits.

Our menu

The Camino Bites menu is based on sustainable ingredients brought directly from the countryside to our restaurant. We update the dishes on a regular basis as we always try to take advantage high quality of seasonal products. At Camino Bites everyone will be able to find their favourite dish. We have a large selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes and almost all of our menu is gluten free!

Eco-friendly food

To enhance the commitment of our restaurant with the environment, vast majority of our ingredients are sourced locally and come from sustainable farms in Catalonia. 

The restaurant

The space where Camino Bites is located has a long history running back decades. With the help of artists from Barcelona we were able to transform it into a unique and must visit place.


The essence of Camino Bites is the Grill. We believe that the best way to cook is as our ancestors did thousands of years ago, with the magic of fire.



Tuesday – Saturday

13:00 – 16:30

19:30 – 23:30

Sunday and Monday – Closed